Vasco de Gama Bridge #1

The longest bridge in Europe, this majestic structure leaves you in awe. I was struggling to create an image that would capture its beauty and marvel in one frame. I tried different angles but there is something about water and the human eye that needs a horizontal horizon line. I knew it had to be in a long exposure and found myself going back to the location three times to get the conditions I needed. Eventually the wow shot was the one I believe created a strong yet serene emotion.

Technical info:

Daytime long exposure, Shutter speed of 655 seconds xx minutes

Aperture F-11, at 38 mm (DX sensor)

I placed two ND filters, a 10 stop and a 6 stop for a total of 16 f-stops

Later in the ‘Digital Darkroom’ I converted the image to black and white.