Vancouver Skyline on Foggy Day – Colour

A new take on an older image. This image was taken on a foggy Vancouver autumn morning. Originally I converted the image to black and white but after revisiting for a while I thought, why not leave the colourful foliage as it really appeared? and after some post processing…the result is quite breath taking.


On one of those rare mornings where I managed to drag myself early out of bed to capture the forecasted fog, I originally had the intension of  capturing the Lions’ gate Bridge, but after scouting the area, this composition seemed more intriguing. In a lucky moment I managed to catch the flock of birds and made sure after to take two more shots to create this beautiful panoramic image of Vancouver skyline.


Mounted on a Tripod

Canon 5D Mark II

Focal Length: 105 mm

Aperture: f-8

Shutter: 1/125 sec

ISO: 100

Post Processing in Photoshop and SEP2