Sundial Bridge

This gorgeous bridge is located in Redding California and was designed by the Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava.  I few years ago I saw a documentary about the bridge, from conception to completion and ever since I was looking for an opportunity to go and photograph it.  That opportunity finally presented itself in Late April 2013 as I was scouting out the Oregon Coast for possible photography workshop.

One of my objectives in this blog post is to show that you can create a daytime long exposure effect without actually doing a long exposure.  None of these three images are long exposures, however the post processing adopts a very similar concept.  By darkening the sky and highlighting only selected portions, it creates an illusion of a subtle long exposure.  I did use a polarizer for all three images to bring out a darker shade of blue in the sky and the sky was completely clear.  The post processing of the bridge itself was envisioned to add as much depth as possible.

When I first set off on my road trip I was nervous of the high expectations I had from myself, driving all the way from Vancouver BC to Redding California, I cant venture so far and not come back with some worthy images.  I have to admit that these images matched my expectations.  They a proud addition to my black and white fine art collection of bridge photographs.