Statue of Liberty, NY

When photographing any subject matter relating to Architectural Photography, you need to ask yourself if you are shooting the subject or the environment in which the subject lies. In most of my bridge images I tend to hone in on the subject itself without much detail of the surroundings, maybe just a hint. You can see this in my 3 Sundial Bridge images, Capilano Suspension Bridge and others.

However, recently I have been incorporating into my composition the environment around my subject. In this image of the Statue of Liberty (NY) it is obvious the that statue is the ‘main actress’ even though she doesn’t take up the majority of the frame space, her location of the centred focal point and iconic symbol make her presence take precedence over the the trees and the clouds that are creating the perfect backdrop to celebrate her beauty.

This image was taken in May 2015 after a New York City Vision Explorers Workshop.