Lifeprints Greeting Cards

Celebrating the myriad emotions and occasions of life, this collection of Lifeprints Greeting Cards provide the perfect gift that can suite any of your special moments and from a selection of nearly 60 cards you will be sure to find the right one for you!

Lifeprints Greeting Cards are images taken from world wide travels (and local Vancouver scenery) paired with the perfect caption to create a story shared by three, the card maker, the card giver and the card receiver.

Each image is printed on archival photo paper and mounted on blank white card stock (5X6.5” folded) and packaged with a white envelope in a clear white transparent bag.  And since the images are the fruit of my passion for Travel Photography, I made sure to mention on the back of the card the location each image was taken.

Lifeprints Greeting Cards can be purchased individually or for large quantity orders (over 30 cards) at wholesale price.

For more details please contact or call 604-732-4327.


Lifeprints Greeting Cards