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Video Tutorial: Long Exposure + Still Photography

A 3 Part Video Tutorial that explains the Vision and Technique for creating Long Exposure + Still images.  Learn more…



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Video Tutorial on How to create Award Winning Fine Art Photography Through the Story Behind the Sundial Bridge Series

In this Video tutorial I will explain my creative process in creating the Sundial Bridge Series and share my insights so that you too can create Award Winning Images!  Learn more…



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eBook: Left & Right Brain – A Photographer’s understanding of how these mindsets affect our visual interpretation of Art

What differentiates Good from Great Art? What gives some images that extra superior edge in comparison to all the rest. What is going on in our subconscious mind when we look at these images?

This book will discuss how the two sides of the brain see the world differently and interpret the visual world, and most importantly:




eBook: How to Create Long Exposure Fine Art Photography

From International Award Winning photographer Sharon Tenenbaum, an E-book that explains and walks you through the basic steps in creating magnificent LONG EXPOSURE FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY. This photography technique is nowhere else to be found in a book – Shoot Like the Pros!

An easy-to-read E-Book that will provide you with the basic background information in photography, so no matter what stage of knowledge you are at, you will be able to catch up and create fine art photography. The E-book provides hands on examples that will walk you through every step of the photography and post processing. Learn more…



Architectural Photography

My engineering background and artistic talent creates a unique voice that delivers powerful, impactful statements.  My work conveys in a photograph the engineering marvel and the lives it affects creating a vision of reality never seen before.

Providing service as a corporate photographer in helping you capture images and create powerful messages for case histories, reports and archival purposes. Learn more…



‘Vancouver Like No other’ Photography Book

A hard cover 9X11’’ 40 page exquisite photo book with award winning images accompanied by succinct blurbs on each location. A marvelous souvenir gift of Vancouver. Learn more…

Selling at a retail price of $30.00 – please contact for wholesale quotes.