Bike Art



Inspired by the Vancouver backdrop, I have crafted this body of work ‘Bike Art’. The entire project was built with recycled bicycle parts and reassembled to create local scenery.  With a lot of creative ideas stewing in my mind, the execution was conceptually and logistically challenging, yet the end result was so rewarding. It came in handy to have been trained as an engineer then apply it to my photography and art.

Cycling is my passion. I was probably no older than four years old, but I remember the first day I learned to ride a bicycle.  My bloody scraped knees and bruised legs were a badge of honour I wore proudly.

I came to Vancouver from Israel with two pieces of luggage, a suitcase and a bicycle. I was to discover how fortunate I was to bring the bicycle with me. Vancouver celebrates everything ‘bike-ish’; from the extreme downhill of the North Shore Mountains to the urban bicycle lanes meandering through the bustling downtown, to all the beautiful seawalls in between – a true paradise for bicycle lovers.

Each of the current three images in the series comes in three sizes with 2 print options:

1. Original Photo Print on Aluminium Backing –  This option gives you a clean elegant look and the image is ready to hang.

2. Original Image Printed on Semi Gloss Archival Photo Paper – This option is best for long distance transport in which the image cal be rolled and placed in a tube for shipping convenience.

All Images are hand signed on the bottom right corner.


Size   Aluminum Mounted Print        Photo Paper Print
8X24’’                    $245              $125 with FRAME
12X36’’                   $495              $325
18X54’’                    $975               $675

Note: Prices above exclude tax (12%) and shipping if applicable.

Images below showing photo in frame is only available for the 8X12” size.

8X24 Frame front 1   8X24 Frame front 2





Image Options

Contact for purchase of larger prints than 8X24”