NEW 2nd Edition Ebook: How to Create Long Exposure Fine Art Photography

Newly Released 2nd Edition of Ebook: How to Create Long Exposure Fine Art Photography with more Before and After How To’s and an expansive new chapter on Art Tips.

Either you are new to the technique of Daytime Long Exposure or just want to fine tune your skills more insight and understanding the newly updated ebook will answer your needs.


From Chapter 5:

Living in Vancouver B.C. is a gift. An amazing place surrounded by water and beauty. Every summer the fortunate owners of sail boats are out sailing while the rest of us get to enjoy the view.  For quite some time I had a vision of capturing the boats, I wasn’t quite sure how, but I knew that I wanted to convey the motion and the drama of the cloudy sky so characteristic to Vancouver.  In early April of 2012 was a boat race called the Southern Straits, so not quite sure of what and how I would make this work, I went out that Friday morning and positioned myself in front of the crowd near the starting point.  Although it was a good place to start, the background was too crowded with Vancouver landmarks such as Stanley Park and the Lions’ gate Bridge, which was nice in-itself but I was after something different.  Once the boats started off and headed west away from Vancouver and into the vast ocean, I changed my location to get a shot with a clear horizon line.  It was only when I actually saw them sailing into the distance that the vision came to me, to combine a Long Exposure (LE) with a still shot.  The LE shot for the drama, and the still shot to capture the detail of the boats, since I knew that in the LE the boats will came out very ‘ghostly’ if not completely invisible.  As you will see throughout this example, this image was originally envisioned before hand but took on ‘flesh and skin’ as I post processed in Photoshop.  One thing though that was very important in my vision was that I wanted it to be a panoramic image, that I knew for sure so I framed accordingly.


This is the end result:


More details inside the ebook….