ND Filters for Daytime Long Exposure Photography – Color Distortion

I am always sceptical when I see ‘too good to be true’ advertisements but there something I just have to share.
A few weeks ago a brand new JT ProStop IRND Long Exposure Filter Kit arrived at my door (thank you Formatt Hitech Filters and Rod Clark  ) and finally I had the time to go out to shoot some Daytime Long Exposures. I was keen to try out my new filters and was shocked at the results – ZERO colour casting!!! so once I was done with my shoots and just to share with you my experience, I made sure to take a shot with my B+W filters that I have been using so far to show you what I mean. Both the images below where taken with two filters, a 10 and 6 f-stop for a total of 16 f-stops and for a 3 minute exposure, one with the Fomatt Hitech and the other with the B+W. These images are AS-IS out of the camera card, no post processing what so ever. The difference is obvious.
Please excuse the not so horizontal horizon – that’s my bad not the filters 🙂