Long Exposure – Students Work

Jack Vainer – The Words Don’t Fit the Picture

Its been a few years now that I teach the Daytime Long Exposure course at Langara College here in Vancouver BC. In the scope of the course I start from the very basics of Daytime Long Exposure, and proceed to more sophisticated and complex images. I try to give my students an edge over the sea of mediocre images out there. Throughout the course we cover topics such as Black and White vs. Colour Long Exposure, Architectural Photography as well as cityscapes and landscapes as after all, we do have the magnificent city of Vancouver as our backdrop.


The last assignment of the course is to implement the teachings of Long exposure plus Still Photography, creating a conceptual artistic image. Some of my students have had some outstanding submissions and here I would like to take the stage and highlight a few.


Jack Vainer – Canada’s favourite Pastime (Hockey):

Long Exposure plus Stills Jack Vainer - Hockey

Alex Chitnev – Floatplane:

Long Exposure plus Stills - Float Plane alex-chitnev


Marian Bayley Birds on a Wire:

Long Exposure plus Stills marian-bayley-combining-still-1

To learn more about Long Exposure basics and advanced I have written a comprehensive ebook (How to Create Long Exposure Fine Art Photography) as well as a video tutorial explaining the principles and implementation of combining Long Exposure plus Still Images Video Tutorial.