Kite Surfers #2 – Composite of 5 Images

As those of you that have been following my recent work, you’ll notice that I am enjoying the creative freedom of combining Daytime Long Exposure Photography with Still Shots.  It started with the Algarve Wind Farm images, continued to the Southern Straits Boat Race images and now my Kite Surfers.  Kite Surfer #1 (last blog) was a much easier attempt than this one Kite Surfers #2 as there is just so much going on in the water and in the sky.  The more details there are, the harder it is to isolate the subject (still shots of the surfers and kites) from the foreground and background (water and sky).  Also, one important thing that I learned through the work process itself was that a classic long exposure wont do for this specific subject matter. Therefore, I used my 3 and 6 f-stop ND filters rather than 13 or 16 to create a blurred / semi long exposure.  You can see that there is detail in the clouds and the water.


This image was a collage of about five different images, one for the water, one for the sky and the rest for the detail of the kites and surfers.


Additionally, I wanted to keep some colour in the image as each kite was so bright and colourful it would have been a shame to show any evidence of that so my personal preference was to combine the black and white with hints of colour.


This image was taken in Israel (Yanai Beach)