Kite Surfer 01 – The Vision behind the Image: Three Phases of Time

It was just recent when I was speaking in front of a group that I actually verbally understood what I was trying to convey in this image.  I guess that at the time of creation I had the vision and concept I wanted to express but could not fully articulate it.  I find that this happens with creativity, the seed of a conceptual idea is sown within me and takes time until it fully surfaces to be dressed with words.


I have been creating quite a few images now where I combine two photographs, a long exposure and a still shot superimposed.  The long exposure conveying time as eternal and continuous whereas the still is the juxtaposition of a freezing a moment in time.  Of course in between the two is the whole spectrum of motion that wasn’t being expressed. As if it was link needed to bridge between the first two. That was my intension with this image.  The sky is a classical daytime long exposure, the kite and the surfer are still shots, where the water is my ‘in-between’ time, bridging the sky and the surfer.