My Images on Billboards Across Canada!

I am honoured to be chosen by Paint the to have my images featured on billboards across Canada (Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto) from Dec. 15, 2014 to Jan. 15, 2015. The billboard locations can be found HERE. If you happen to come across one, please take a photo 🙂


Me Day 1 of PTC A. Fraser Bridge


 cbc_radio_logoYou can listen to a CBC Radio interview with Sharon Tenenbaum about the Billboard Campaign at the Below:


The following four images will be displayed along the Canadian highways:

Kite Surfer 01


Kite Surfer 01

Southern Straits Boat Race #3, Vancouver BC, Long Exposure


Southern Strait Boats 03


Vancouver Skyline Long Exposure Pano 4-1 Ratio


Vancouver Skyline Long Exposure Pano

NY Skyline LE from NJ

New York Skyline from NJ