Hoofddorp 02 Lyre Bridge

Reflections, Reflections, Reflections. It was the simplistic elegance of this bridge that my intension to convey. The clean straight yet slightly curved lines. Graceful.

*This image was taken as a Long Exposure using the Format-Hitech Firecrest ND filter – it ROCKS!!!

The 3 Hoofddorp Bridges (Netherlands):

Sometimes a seed of an idea is sewed much before the idea itself comes to fruition. This was the case in my recent images of the 3 Calatrava bridges from Hoofddorp, Holland.

While I was in Melbourne, Australia teaching the last Vision Explorers workshop, I tried (but not my satisfactory) to create a body of work with the bridges and their reflection. The idea has stayed with me…..incubated….and when photographing these three Santiago Calatrava bridges, I knew that reflections would be the theme of this body of work. Especially when photographing the Harp Bridge, as the traffic lines on the asphalt were my idea of an ‘urban’ reflection. Additionally, I didn’t want just a simple reflection, I wanted to create a ‘black to white – top to bottom’ transition as well.