Why is Hitting a Creative Wall So Important?



“Let the crack in things become a source of light”

                                                                                                                                            Jonah Lehrer.


The creative process starts with a sense that there is a puzzle somewhere, or a task to be accomplished. Perhaps something is not right, somewhere there is a conflict, a tension, a need to be satisfied. The problematic issue can be triggered by a personal experience, by a lack of fit in the symbolic system, by the stimulation of colleagues, or by public needs. In any case, without such a felt tension that attracts the psychic energy of the person, there is no need for a new response.

Therefore, without a stimulus of this sort, the creative process is unlikely to start. Just like a physical pain symptom is a wake up call for an underlining bigger issue, a problem or crises is a mental or emotional sign that something isn’t quite right. What we decide to do with this sign is up to us. Some people can live their entire life without taking action, we are all familiar with the people that constantly complain about their job, marriage, or just a device they use and do nothing about it.

It is the gift of the creative individual to take these so called ‘problems’ and channel their energies by transforming these negative emotions into stimuli for creative endeavours.