Daytime Long Exposure with People – Two Fishermen

The beauty of Daytime Long Exposure Photography is the juxtaposition it creates between stagnant (hard) objects and moving (soft) objects.  The first image that comes to my mind is hard stable cliff against the streaks of moving clouds and / or soft water.  The cliffs are eternal and forever stagnant and the clouds are constantly moving and changing with every moment that goes by.  Between these two is a whole spectrum of ‘life’ that happens in between and what other way to capture that than with people.


The image below is an old photo from Cuba, one of my favorites; A long exposure in the mid day scorching heat of two fishermen.  My vision for this image was to convey the stillness of the fishermen, which seemed to blend so harmoniously with the isolated rock.



After seeing the work of Michael Ken, I was inspired to give it a new look:


In this retouched image I traced the outline of the fishermen and painted them in with a black brush and added the fishing rod for the final touch.


Don’t be afraid to try new and creative things: “If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original”.