Daniel Westley

Daniel Westley


On Paper Details:

In 1973, at the age of 13, Daniel fell under a moving freight train and lost both his legs. After this incident he decided to become focused and excel in wheel chair racing and skiing.  He tried a 7-11 learn
to ski program, and has never looked back. He trained along side the biggest names in disabled sports.


Born: March 29, 1960

Olympic Games: 1988 Innsbruck – Wheelchair Racing, 1992 Barcelona
– Wheelchair Racing, 1994 Lillehammer – Skiing,
1998Nagano – Skiing, 2002Salt Lake City – Skiing.

Achievements: 4 Olympic
Gold, 3 Olympic Silver and 2 Olympic Bronze medals.


Daniel’s Voice:

I define myself not through my outward success or accomplishments, what I have or do, but by the
type of person that I become. This identity reflects in my ethics and guides my life choices.

 I am keenly aware of a collective consciousness greater than ego alone that allows me to surrender and align with my true nature. In that way I am beyond sweating the small stuff.

This level of awareness gives me the gratitude and humility necessary to cultivate the creativity and
mindfulness to excel as an elite athlete, physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Photographers Notes:

It’s hard to look at Daniel and not see a very striking man. Striking and handsome.  It took me
a while be at ease around him, at first he would toy with me by giving me a piercing gaze that pins you to the wall, the kind you would expect from Clint Eastwood, but the moment the ice broke and he cracked a smile I could easily see how a woman could fall under his spell.

This shot of Daniel was taken when he repositioned himself for a pose and I happened to
catch it.  Although there were other great shots, I personally love this one. It reminds me of the torsos you see in museums sculpted from marble of Greek athletes.  It depicts his strength, focus and agility in a movement – like pose but still reflecting his inner calmness.