1st Place – International Photography Awards

Sundial Bridge Series Wins 1st Place for , Architecture, Bridges


This Beautiful pedestrian bridge by Spanish engineer and architect, Santiago Calatrava, was on my wish list for a few years. This March I finally made the time to head down to Redding, California to give it my best shot. I recall watching a documentary on the bridge, the story from conception to completion. How there was so much thought that went into the design, that even details of the the bridge pathway was designed to be made of glass to ensure that direct sunlight would reach the water for the salmon that swims thru the river underneath it. I had no clue in advance on how I would depict it, I just knew that I wanted to give it the justice it deserved and to convey in my images that it is an actual sundial. I spent a total of two days at Turtle Bay and made sure to capture the sunrise and sunset moments, but most importantly, I wanted to create a body of work which tells a story. To make sure that each image is a stand alone but together they all complete a bigger picture.

Sundial Bridges