Angkor Wat, Cambodia

This image was post processed with Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 2. For those of you using it and want to try something different from the standard Black and White Long Exposure Photography, then after creating the SEP layer in Photoshop, change the blending option in the Layers Pallet (top left, drop down menu) from the default ‘Normal’ to the last option on the list ‘Luminosity’. This will keep the colors of your image and still use the structure enhancing capabilities of the Silver Efex Pro.  This feature maintains the beautiful landscape Fine Art look but adds Pazaz!
This photo has a great story:
In Siem Reap (Cambodia) the temples are a UNESCO heritage site and you can buy a one day, three day or week long pass. I bought a three day pass. The area is very large and you have to get around by took took, motorbike or taxi. On the first day I hired a took took to take me to see the sites and we started before the sunrise (which is a story on its own) and by noon I was knackered! After a refreshing rest at my room I headed back to the temples to catch the afternoon sun. We hopped from one temple to another and he took to one temple that he thought was best for the sunset. The problem was that every other tourist in Siem Reap also thought so. Frustrated from the crowds, I rushed back to him and with minutes left before the sun went down asked him to take me to this location (facing east). Of course everyone else was at a different location that faced west. I can not emphasis this enough to beginning photographers: Do Not Shoot Directly at the SUN – Shoot Against IT!

I owe this image to my took took driver Won that made a dinky little two stroke as fast as an Audie TT!

 The next two days didn’t have a cloud in site. Seize the moment; you never know what tomorrow will be like….