Andrea D.

Andrea Dziewior


On Paper Details:

 Andrea had her left leg amputated above the knee shortly after birth but that did not stop her from trying any sport under the sun.  But it was only in skiing did she feel that the everyday physical struggle of never keeping up did not exist.  “Only when I strap down the ski could I feel what its like to glide down smoothly, no complications– that’s what kept me in the sport, I wanted to make that feeling last longer and longer. “

Born: Jun 26, 1986

Photographers Notes:

Andrea is one of the sweater people I have met and well beyond her years.  She manages to balance maturity with joyfulness in a way that is rarelyseen and already at the age of 24!

It was hard to choose the ‘just one’ image of Andrea.  During the editing process, Andrea and I narrowed it down to two images, one where she was sitting, embracing the ski as a guitar and smiling, and this one, in a standing reflective mode.  They both showed Andrea, her sunshine-like nature one the one side and her Old Soul nature on the other.  I can’t really say if one is better than the other, but after all Andrea does stand proud.  Proud and Brave.

Sharon Tenenbaum