1st Place – International Photography Awards

Oporto Bridges Win 1st Place for

Architecture: Bridges Pro Category


During my trip to Portugal this past April-May I spent 5 days in the city of Port (Portugal’s second largest city) which to my surprise was one of the more enchanting cities I have visited. Oporto (as it is pronounced by the locals) is situated in the north-western coast of Portugal and has a magnificent natural setting on the north bank of the River Douro, just a few miles inland from its opening into the Atlantic Ocean.


A total of six bridges are situated on a 10 km stretch of the river – I was in photography heaven! Not being a morning person, I managed somehow to miss the early morning light and opted for the sunsets rather than the sunrises. On my last morning in Port, my iphone rang at 6 am (thank you Ruth) so I was wide awake, the guilt of not getting up and out with the camera early didn’t let me sink back in to a sweet sleep.


Every time I wake up before the sunrise, tearing myself out of bed in the godforsaken hours of the morning, I tell myself, ‘I better get a great shot to make this worth while!’


When I reached the river I was amazed to find a blanket of fog captured in the valley of the river.
All I can say from this moment on is that I just went crazy with the camera, six bridges all looking so different and mysterious in the fog, which should I tackle first before the sun melts it all away? I guess I chose right with what I personally found to be most photogenic, white on white.


All I can say from here is that, yes, that early morning rise was very worth while!





Technical Details:

Just a tripod, there was no need for any ND filters or even major post processing. If Black and White photography is your thing, I can’t recommend any better conditions than a foggy day.