1st Place – International Photography Awards

Musical Reflections

Hoofddorp Bridge Series Wins 1st Place for , Architecture, Bridges

These three bridges (Harp, Lute and Lyre bridges), are located in the small town of Hoofddorp (Holland), on the outskirts of Amsterdam were designed by Spanish engineer and architect, Santiago Calatrava.

I wanted to capture all three bridges with a similar theme and as soon as I saw them it was obvious to me that it would be the theme of ‘Reflections’ as two of the three bridges were majestically situated over a river to form a beautiful reflection.  The Harp bridge was the only one in which I decided to do something different and use the traffic lines as the ‘reflection’ as the symmetry created the perfect balance.

The Lute and Harp bridges were taken as a still shot, however for the Lyre bridge I decided to use a long exposure.

Normally my images celebrate the structure itself that I am photographing, for the Lute bridge I wanted to put the environment in centre stage and let the bridge play supporting actor, let take a step back if only to increase it’s presence.


3 Hoofddorp Bridges Calatrava

Musical Reflections: Lute, Harp and Lyre Bridges.